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'Just as there are exciting new authors being brought to our attention
everyday, so there are exciting old authors who have yet to be discovered.'
-  Ruskin Bond.





The room on the roof
Vagrants in the valley
Delhi is not far
A flight of pigeons
The senualist

Short Stories
The woman on platform no. 8
A guardian angel
The photograph
Death of a familiar
The coral tree
The kite maker
The Window
The monkeys

Chachi's funeral

The prospect of flowers
The man who was Kipling
A case for Inspector Lal
The eyes have it
The story of Madhu
The thief
A job well done
The boy who broke the bank
The cherry tree
His neighbour's wife
My father's trees in Dehra
The night train at Deoli
Panther's moon
The garlands on his brow
The leopard
Sita and the river
Love is a sad song
When you can't climb trees anymore
A love of long ago
The funeral
The room of many colours
Time stops at Shamli
Most beautiful
Dust on the mountain
The fight
The tunnel
Going home
Listen to the wind
The haunted bicycle
Dead man's gift
Whispering in the dark
He said it with arsenic
The most potent medicine of all
Hanging at the Mango-Tope
Eyes of the cat
A crow for all seasons
A tiger in the house
Tiger, tiger, burning bright
Escape from Java
All creatures great and small
Coming home to Dehra
What's your dream?
The last tonga ride
Calypso Christmas
The good old days
The last time I saw Delhi
Binya passes by
As time goes by
From small beginnings
Death of the trees
Would Astley return?
The girl from Copenhagen
The trouble with Jinns
Tribute to a dead friend
My first love
Miss Bun and others
The daffodil case

Essays and Vignettes
Life at my own pace
The old gramaphone
A little world of mud
Adventures of a book lover
Upon an old wall dreaming
A golden voice remmebered
At home in India
Getting the juices flowing
Bird life in the city
Home is under the big top
Pedestrian in peril
Escape to nowhere
In the garden of my dreams
Owls in the family
Adventures in a banyan tree
From my notebook
Thus spoke crow

Travel Writings
Ganga descends
Beautiful Mandakini
The magic of Tungnath
On the road to Badrinath
Flowers on the Ganga
Mathura's hallowed haunts
Footloose in Agra
Street of the red well

Songs and Love Poems
Love lyric for Binya Devi
It isn't time thats passing
Cherry tree
Lovers observed
Lone fox dancing
Secondhand shop in hillstation
A frog screams
A song for lost friends
Ruskin has probably written many more poems.
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